A traditional kitchen

with a British touch!

After 15 years of experience in the kitchen, the young English chef Charlie Ray who ran the restaurant Le Vin’Quatre in Bergerac for 6 years with his partner, opens the doors of their brand new restaurant in Saussignac – Mixture!

In order to tell you a story, an emotion and sometimes a surprise around local products with a British touch.


Our menu


  • Foie gras and chicken terrine 16,00 €

    Foie gras ans chicken terrine, carrot and coffee puree, walnut brioche and orange gel

  • Mango gaspacho 14,00€

    Mango gaspacho, crab and cod rillette, avocado mousse, thaï oil lemon dressing

  • Mackerel gravelax 12,00 €

    Mackerel gravelax horseradish and beetroot texturing, white chocolate sauce, apple salad

  • Tomatoes salsa 12,50 €

    Tomatoes salsan grilled goat cheese, mushrooms fritter, roquette oil (vegetarian)


  • Chicken breast 18,00 €

    "Label rouge" chicken breast, broccoli and sesame 2 ways, wild rice and peanut butter jus

  • Turbot filet 22,00€

    Turbot filet, grilled baby gem, pea puree, split tartar sauce

  • Pigeon 24,00 €

    Pigeon, smoked bacon polenta, sweetcorn and popcorn, red wine jus

  • Cauliflower 17,00 €

    Cauliflower, bleu cheese samosas, red onion marmelade, balsamic jus (vegetarian)

"Exceptional cuisine"


  • Creme brulee 7 €

    Peach, honey and rosemary creme brûlée, yogurt ice cream

  • Chilled chocolate fondant 8 €

    Chilled chocolate fondant and cherries, mint ice cream and cream anglaise

  • Baked alaska 8 €

    Lemon meringue pie baked alaska

  • Trifle 8€

    Fennel and rhubarb trifle, strawberry sorbet

  • Cheese plate 10 €

    Cheese plate from Blanchard cheese shop

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