A traditional kitchen

with a British touch!

After 15 years of experience in the kitchen, the young English chef Charlie Ray who ran the restaurant Le Vin’Quatre in Bergerac for 6 years with his partner, opens the doors of their brand new restaurant in Saussignac – Mixture!

In order to tell you a story, an emotion and sometimes a surprise around local products with a British touch.


Our menu


  • Pork parcels 14,50 €

    Barbecue pork parcels, braised endive, apples 2 ways

  • Foie gras 16,50€

    Foie gras mi cuit, fennel matin, rhubarb and ginger compote, walnut crumble

  • White asparagus 14,50 €

    Pan fried white asparagus, king prawn and pollack croquettes, hollandaise sauce and spring onion salsa

  • Smoked egg 14,00 €

    Smoked egg, green asparagus, feta cheese, olive tapenade and cherry tomato (vegetarian)


  • lamb filet 21,00 €

    Lamb filet, pea puree, goat cheese, artichokes, mint jus

  • Skate wing 18,00€

    Skate wing, pak choi, miso coleslaw, tempered de sushi, coulis de gingembre et chili

  • Duck breast 20,00 €

    Duck breast, five spice celeriac, grilled pineapple, cashew nuts granola and coconut mousse

  • Piquiilo pepper gnocchi 18,00 €

    Piquillo pepper gnocchi, crispy brie cheese, artichoke and garlic basil pesto (vegetarian)

"Exceptional cuisine"


  • Creme brulee 7 €

    Baileys Irish coffee creme brûlée, Madascagar vanilla ice cream

  • Profiteroles 8 €

    Profiteroles, mascarpone cream, pea puree, walnuts crumbs, apple sorbet

  • Yuzu and red pepper tart 8 €

    Yuzu and red pepper tart, pepper meringue, strawberry sorbet

  • Chocolate brownie 10€

    Beetroot and horseradish chocolate brownie, white chocolate ice cream , kirsch shot

  • Cheese plate 10 €

    Cheese plate from Blanchard cheese shop

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